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I am very pleased to share this work with you. This site is a platform to share songs of my own and my clients with immediacy, including demos and brand new material.  I invite you to be a part of this process as we promote love and social consciousness through this music.  Thank you for being a cherished companion on this journey!
         Warmth, love, and gratitude,
JDub:   Performer, Producer,                   Songwriter, DJ

Solo Acoustic music:



Astrotheque is my baby.  After starting the band with Claudio Ramirez, I hit the road with Dave Terry and John Locke Pickard in support of our debut, Return to Form.  It's a rare and beautiful album that truly captures the joy and pain of life at that moment; the possibility always alongside the disappointment.  Samples of NASA in their exploration of our solar system pepper the set amid themes of enlightenment, self actualization, and exile.  Claudio's guidance bolstered my then coming-of age sense of harmony, and something magical was born.

Currently, as of late Jan, ATQ is currently tracking our long awaited sophomore record, Faces.  At 12 songs in, I am writing with a far more adventurous style.

I am very excited about one single, the culturally challenging JDub is Black.  Check back with us for early demos and sneak previews right here at!


26 Jan 2020



JDub can be found each Sunday at 1st United Methodist Church Round Rock on lead guitar and backing vox alongside his good friend Brian Batch in the Crossroads Service.  ATQ are rumored to be debuting their new single, JDub is Black, at a single release party in late May.  Watch also for DJ sets coming soon as well!



My name is JDub.  I'm a professional musician and producer, and a veteran of the scene in Austin, TX.  The truth is: music is power.  I spent the better part of my youth a slave to it, but now I train to further my understanding.  I immerse and surrender myself daily to what it has to teach us, as it bleeds the cracks of a seemingly concrete reality.  I have thousands of other interests, but playing, recording, mixing, and mastering music is when I truly come alive.  Please enjoy my work.  It is my great honor to bring a smile to your day. 

In Peace and Love,





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