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JDub:   Performer, Producer,                   Songwriter, DJ
What's up, player?!  Good day, darlin'!
It is with great pleasure to share this unreleased music from Emotron, a new JDub record!  Look forward to this new album coming Fall of 2021.  New August bookings coming soon, so stay tuned!!

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DJing and playing records is artistic fuel.  The reality is, after writing enough new material, we all experience burnout.  DJing a set, dancing, and putting into practice the work of other artists is a way to lay down my ego and be restored.  There is something about the decks and the feeling of editing songs together  that puts me in touch with the boy I was; buying every Beach Boys tape I could get my hands on.  The magic that came from the when playing those tapes through the speakers was undeniable.  At my turntables, I experience that same magic as if I am at its moment of conception.  I feel reborn.  


JDub plays as a multi-instrumentalist and harmony vocalist at First United Methodist Round Rock each Sunday.  At FUMC, he is an "Artist in Residence."

As of 1 Aug 2021, no other new dates have been added...  


JDub cut his teeth teaching at <MTI> in Arlyn studios.  After a half decade of operating out of Arlyn in his spare time, JDub went modular, his studio moving to various facilities before finally landing at his home in Austin. JDub started production work under the service of talented other artists, eventually calling the studio Ocean Mastering.  

A consummate songwriter and arranger, JDub spends most of his time between a lyric and a melody, and the warm smells of his kitchen, where he is known to entertain many a lavished guest.  


Solo Acoustic music:




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