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Is All this Conflict Really Necessary!?!

Some people will get upset when you succeed. It's just a fact, and there's less right or wrong about it than the greater sum of magnetism it creates.

Because that person has forgotten, God is what you get when you combine the souls of ALL humans. That we are tiny fragments of God source, playing hide and seek with Himself. Playing hide and seek with Herself. Exploring all that diversity has to offer. We play around with problems and life hangs in the balance of those problems. People live and die and return to God, to remember, and are reborn to forget.

Each thought has a beginning, a middle, and an end, but we are the silence in between them. That silence is our source, and represents the return to God, but we can and usually do vibrate above that point, entertaining all sorts of configuration.

The person who gets upset when you succeed is part of a necessary reverse polarity that drives God source out from itself for optimal experience. In the literary sense, the equivalent is "conflict is essential for story-telling." Vibrationally, it is "lower vibrations and paradigms will always fear and attempt to disrupt higher ones for the sake of their necessity."

Love your enemy. Love even "conflict" between personalities. You can't replace that person with "someone better." At some point, you are more likely than now to attract friendship, but each of our relationships must evolve, not just the good ones. It's not that they are "there for a reason." They are you, in a different configuration, figuring itself and the relationship out, even if they must make "predictable mistakes." How does a good teacher look at a student? Respect the quiet (and loud) dignity of the young.

It's about how we look at things. Can our heart be open in a hectic workplace? Life is a practice. It's about the habits we put ourselves in and the system it builds. Even a system with failsafes that make it seem to chew on itself. Earth gnaws us into what we are. It needs us to evolve our understanding of the growth that comes from conflict. We as well need to reevaluate the seriousness of the hurt that comes from injustice - parts of God making war on itself. If we can heal the part of ourselves that gets upset when our neighbor prospers, perhaps growth wouldn't have to be a painful experience at all.

So we ask ourselves: how shall I smile inwardly when conflict appears? How can I share some of That Smile and the peace from which it comes?


19 May 2022

JDub is a staff writer for Orbit Records.

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