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Principles of Existence on Earth

1. We chose this. We choose this existence over and over to awaken our gambler's heart. It is a young part of our being that says, "Yes! Yet again! I will ride my favorite story eternal, and never tire of its dips and catastrophes,. I will emerge, yet again, victorious."

2. Our amnesia of having chosen this existence is a strength rather than a weakness. To forget oneself is to also forget one's trauma. We invoke chaos over our repetition as an axiom of freedom from it.

3. One need merely to keep a schedule to see that time is an illusion. Events get rescheduled and fall back; their impermanence gives way to the true nature of things always moving together in static nonexistence. Events are often planned perfectly and their execution in the face of chaos causes mutation of intention.

4. It is the human element that harmonizes with this mutation. To do so is to be spiritual.

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